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Trending Service Jobs for 2018

Job Listify 14 March, 2018

Not surprisingly, the service industry is evolving right along with technological advancements. You can expect the following service job roles to be hot in 2018:

Tech Support Specialist

Not surprisingly, demand for service related to electronic products is expected to surge. If you are technologically inclined and love to help people, you should strongly consider a job in this area. Devices ranging from computers to smartphones to peripherals and smart appliances will all require skilled technicians to assist with troubleshooting and getting them running optimally again.

Financial Services

Providing information and advice related to finances and investments is another trending area for 2018. Very few people are experts when it comes to their finances, so if you have a penchant for numbers, this could be the ideal service position for you. These jobs are available in both the financial services industry and in corporations wishing to keep their employees informed of their best financial options.

Sales Representative

This job role is nothing new, but the need for high quality sales reps will be more important than ever going forward. With technology automating so many aspects of life, the need for high quality interaction with knowledgeable people will be more important than ever before. For the highest success rates in sales jobs, be sure to sell a product or service you truly believe in.

In a world of ever-increasing complexity and reliance upon technology, the role of the service provider will be more critical than ever. If you enjoy helping people and have specialized knowledge in any of these areas, one of these trending service jobs could be the perfect fit for you in 2018.